Tolerance. This is just one word that we humans use a lot, but what does this word mean, and does one really know the true meaning of it? Look it up in the dictionary and you may see this; sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own, or, the act of allowing something.  Or, more simply put, the act of accepting and/or putting up with someone else’s beliefs or feelings even if they differ from your own.

The biggest problem plaguing the minds of many is that we have so little tolerance for other people that it’s controlling how we think and act towards others.  Rather it’s Race, Religion, Gender, Sexuality, and many more. We tend to view people as abominations, freaks, and people not worthy to live, if they don’t follow in what we believe to be “Right” or “Wrong”.

Every day you hear about people being discriminated because of their race, gender, sexuality, and just for being them. This kind of pointless discrimination has to come to a stop, some way or another. Criticizing people does not, and never will, make you the bigger person. Sure you may feel like you have this immense power, but in reality you’re nothing more than a bully bent on hurting the life’s of many.

Sounds pretty good that you can make so many people feel this way? Sounds pretty good that you’ll feel like “the man”?
Well it’s not. This should NOT sound like fun. It’s NOT a good thing that this sounds like fun. It’s NOT a good thing that you feel joy when you make people feel worthless. It’s NOT always a good thing to be “the man”.

Ask yourself this one little question: “How is it hurting me that two people of the same sex are in love?”. The answer? It’s not. The only reason you say it is, is because the bible says so, or that you were just told it was the “wrong” thing to do. But why? Why is it wrong? There is nothing wrong, or dangerous about loving the same sex. The only thing dangerous about it is that the fact we know we’ll get made fun of, discriminated against, or told that we are an abomination, and we have no right to live, or to call ourselves humans.

And if it does, I want you to explain to me how discriminating against people for being “different” is okay, most importantly, how you can live with yourself when you know it’s not right. You must know that deep down this isn’t the right thing to do, and that isn’t fun. If you still do, go on and tell me why I’m wrong, tell me how I have no reason to live. Go on I dare you, but know this I’m not alone when I say, we WILL get freedom one day, we WILL have to right to marriage, and we WON’T stand for your pointless discrimination, and hate any longer!

So I’m going to leave you with this one little question: Do you still want to be “the man”? Think long and hard about your answer before coming to a conclusion.


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